5 Pieces Of Equipment You Need For Your Garage Conversion

Garage conversions are a great way to extend the living space that’s available to you in your home. Turn an unused garage space into a vital extra room that will delight you and your friends and family with the help of Decorum Technology. We have a range of ideas to help you maximise the space available and make the most from your conversion. See some of our top equipment picks to enhance your garage conversion, here:

#1 Home Automation Systems

Control all of your systems from one central hub with our smart home systems. Using Control 4 technology we can link all of the features in your garage conversion to work together. Our home automation systems can integrate everything from lighting control, music and home theatre, to climate control and security. This personalised experience will enhance your garage conversion as well as increasing convenience and comfort in daily use.

#2 Underfloor Heating

Keep warm no matter what the weather! Our trusted underfloor heating is perfect for garage conversions, which can be prone to cold temperatures. Make sure you have complete comfort at all times with the smooth underfloor heating solutions.

#3 Lighting Solutions

Create ambience and atmosphere with our dynamic lighting solutions. Subtly change the senses of a room just with one touch of a button, ready to suit your mood. Create intimate environments for special occasions or enjoy smart mood lighting that responds to your touch. Our team can design a bespoke lighting control system to suit your garage conversion perfectly.

#4 Home Cinema & Media Technology

For all people who are serious about cinema, our home theatre equipment is the perfect addition to your space! Enjoy drop-down projectors, cinema-style seating, VR headsets and more that will help you create the immersive and impressive experience of a cinema.

#5 Surround Sound & Audio Systems

Enjoy surround sound and high-tech audio systems that respond at the touch of a button! Our modern audio systems deliver crisp and clear outputs and, with our smart systems, you can link the audio in your garage conversion up to the rest of your home.

Start Your Garage Conversion Project Today

If you want to make the most of your garage conversion, get in touch with our experts today! Decorum are much more than your average contractor; our team manage every aspect of your garage conversion project, from design and planning through to installation and completion. With over 40 years’ experience in this ever-changing field, we will ensure that your project is completed on-time, to-budget and with the minimal amount of disruption possible. Get in touch with our team today to find out more!

5 Amazing Cinema Room Ideas

Are you serious about cinema? A home theatre can quickly become the most exciting rooms in your house and a focal point for family entertainment. But how can you make sure that your cinema room really stands out? We’ve got some top tips for making your home theatre as amazing as possible!

#1 Cinema-Style Seating

Your bespoke interior design team can ensure that your cinema room is full of all the comforts you’d find at a real home theatre. Relax in plush furniture with features including reclining seating and pull-out tables. Get your tailored design by speaking to our team today!

#2 Food & Refreshments 

Cinema snacks can make or break your movie experience! Get a popcorn machine to recreate the taste of the big screen or go all out and have a designated bar area installed in the room with your drinks on ice.

#3 VR Headsets

Immerse yourself in the experience with high performance VR headsets. Our high technology virtual reality packages can bring films and games to life in a virtual world. We use industry-leading brands like Oculus Rift to ensure that your VR experience is second to none.

#4 Air conditioning  

Enjoy the perfect temperature in your cinema room! Ideal for rooms in cellars or garage conversions, our trusted systems will keep the room feeling just right no matter what season. Turn your room into a dream space with the perfect temperature!

#5 Ambient Lighting 

Create a chill-out zone, or complete black-out for full cinema effect, with our controlled lighting solutions. Dim the lights from a central control hub with ease and put on a light display that will create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed film or gaming session.

Bespoke Home Cinema Room Design

Whatever the feature – we can design! At Decorum we specialise in bringing your creative vision to life for a high-tech, modern cinema experience that will delight family, friends and guests. We can help you design the interior of your room and pick the best equipment to complete your home cinema experience. Get in touch with our team today to find out more! Why not have us bring the cinema to you and book a visit where we bring the Virtual Cinema showroom to your home and you can walk through the many design choices provided by our VR walkthrough.

Expert Home Cinema Installation

Once your home cinema is designed our experts can install it with a quick turnaround. Operating from the heart of the Midlands, covering East Midlands – Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Northamptonshire and West Midlands including Birmingham, Coventry and Warwickshire – we work closely with home owners, house developers, architects and interior designers to deliver custom home cinema installations and home automation solutions that will delight our clients. Get in touch today to get started on your home cinema installation.

6 Ways A Smart Home Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Automation in the home can transform your life! Installing a smart home system can improve your daily life in many different ways. See what benefits a smart home system could bring to you today:

The Benefits of Smart Home Systems:

#1 Increase Home Security

Home automation can help improve your security both at home and at your workplace. There are a range of safety systems that can be used with a smart home network including CCTV, door entry systems and access control panels. These intercom systems can be operated with audio and video entry – allowing you to control exactly who comes onto your premises.

#2 Get An Awesome Cinema Experience

Home automation systems use the latest in cutting-edge technology and high quality equipment to deliver outstanding performance, giving you a real cinema experience. Our home cinema systems and audio and visual displays which can be controlled give crystal clear sound and visual output, which will wow your family, friends and guests.

#3 Integrate Your Technology

Indulge in a little bit of luxury! Automation can take your home living to the next level. Enjoy modern living, with high quality equipment that’s also fun for all the family. Home automation can turn your home into a place where you’ll be dying to spend more time and make all of your technology useable from one interface – simplifying the systems in your home to a one button operation.

#4 Save Time

Accomplish complex tasks (and some painful household chores) in just one click of a button! You can dim lights, turn the oven on, order online shopping and set-up your favourite movie, all without having to move from your seat.

#5 One Central Hub

Control your entire home from any device, such as a smart phone, on the go – even when not in the UK! Have an overview of all your security, lighting or heating and control the home from the beach or the office!

#6 Cost-Effective

Our home automation products can help you reduce power consumption and save you money! Automatically turn off lights and other household appliances when they aren’t in use. Or set timings for your heating and electric and turn these off and on as desired, even when on the go. With home automation software you can see a granular overview of your appliances power consumption data, letting you make informed choices about where to cut costs and streamline your appliance use.

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At Decorum Technology we specialise in designing and installing industry-leading home automation systems. As partners of Control 4 we are proud to be able to offer our customers a complete and comprehensive home automation package from energy management, security, gate automation and lighting and blind control. Get in touch today by calling 01163194428 or visiting our contact form, here.