Multiroom Audio

Home Audio

Nearly everyone loves music, but audio is frequently limited to just a single room or location in the home. Why confine your enjoyment? With a whole-house audio system, you can enjoy your favourite music in every room. And with a multi-room audio system, you can enjoy your tunes while other members of the family enjoy theirs!

In a multi-room audio system, the home is divided into areas called “zones.” A zone can be one room, such as the master bedroom, or can cover several rooms, such as the kitchen, and dining room. All rooms within a zone play the same source, but can do so at a different volume level.

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Identification Of Your Required Sources?

Common sources include FM radio, cable TV, CD players, satellite radio and iPods. Newer whole-house audio systems incorporate streaming audio, pulling music across the home’s network from a hard drive in the home or from a cloud-based service.

Identification Of The Media Zones Required
  • How many rooms (or zones) do you wish the media distributed to?
  • Where are each of these zones located within your home?
The Type Of Equipment To Be Allocated To Each Zone
  • Surround sound systems
  • Ceiling mounted speakers
  • In Wall or On Wall mounted speakers
The Centralised Location Of Equipment
  • Where will the Multi-Room audio control equipment be located?
  • We call this Node Zero. Basically, it is the convenient centralised area that houses the key sources.