Multiroom Audio

Why Choose Multiroom Audio?

Multi-Room Audio has a simply philosophy – to provide you with a centralised, easy to use control to distribute and listen to different music (or audio), from different sources, in different rooms at the same time.

To achieve Multi-Room Audio, we have 5 simple questions to ask? Don’t worry we will run through each of these with you.

Identification of your required audio sources?
  • Streaming service on your phone or tablet such as Spotify, Napster.
  • CD Player
  • Your music collection on a Network-attached storage (NAS) Drive.
  • Your Radio System
Identification of the audio outputs
  • How many rooms (or audio zones) do you wish the audio to be distributed to?
  • Where are each of these zones located within your home?
Where should you use it?
  • Any room in the house including showers and bathrooms, gardens and outbuildings.
The centralised location of equipment
  • Where will the Multi-Room Audio control equipment be located?
  • We call this Node Zero. Basically, it is the convenient centralised area that houses the key sources such as your CD player, the amplifier(s)/control matrix for your speakers and any control matrix that allows you to switch between sources and control the level of sound.

Multiroom Audio SystemsMultiroom Audio Systems are increasingly accessible across a variety of budgets and can be installed with little disruption.

The most popular systems include Sonos, Nuvo, Opus, Control4, Aton, Squeezebox, Systemline, Bose, Cambridge Audio, Apple Airplay and many more.

Wireless solutions are also available, meaning no cables and no clutter!