Programmable control

Control all of your ‘tech’ from a fully programmable, stylish, touch screen, remote control. Dim the lights and start the movie in one tap.

AV equipment rack

At the heart of all excellent AV and Cinema systems is a professionally built stylish AV rack to house all of the technology discretely and efficiently.  We can build this to any design and style you wish for to suit your room.

Projector drops

We can install a projector in the ceiling with a discreet ceiling recess meaning the projector can be stored away until you want to use it.

Bespoke decor

We can design your home cinema to your exact specifications including hidden cabling, bespoke furniture and the latest in surround sound technology
Home cinema technology doesn’t need to baffle you…  To help you understand some of the tech that’s involved and the various options available to you, we’ve put together the following list.

Screen Projection
Acoustically transparent fixed or motorized projection screens, with 4K HDR projectors supporting Blu Ray or ultra-high definition television.

Programmable Control
Control all of your equipment, lighting and blackout blinds from a fully programmed, touch screen stylish remote control or simple hand held remote for full home cinema automation.

Bespoke Decor
Decorum can work with your interior designer (one of our team is trained in interior design) or architect to deliver anything from classic to contemporary.

Automated TV Lifts
The plasma screen automatically emerges from a custom designed cabinet at the touch of a button for the ultimate in sci-fi style.

Discreet Mirror TV
A 64″ plasma screen disguised as a mirror – the perfect design solution for above a fireplace. Choose from hundreds of frames to suit any classic or contemporary design.

Cabling is completely hidden behind walls and floorboards. We offer up to the minute wireless solutions with data networks meaning high speeds of broadband are delivered throughout your home.

Large TV and Projector
Use a plasma or LED screen for normal daytime television viewing with a large projection screen hidden in the ceiling for large screen movies and sports.

Stylish Recessed Plasma or LED Screens
A great design feature is to recess the plasma or LED screen into the wall with the projection screen dropping down in front of it

Recessed Dropdown Screens
A recessed dropdown screen lowers automatically with the press of a button and transforms the room into a full on cinema. Perfect for multi use rooms or for combined music and cinema rooms.

In Wall Speakers
Surround sound speakers that can actually be an integral hidden wall feature so as to become completely invisible to the eye, but not to the ear!

Projector Drops
The projector descends from a discreet recess in the ceiling ensuring the projector is completely hidden away until required.

Acoustic Treatments

Going to the movies is often described as an ‘immersive experience’, almost like you are there in the movie.  This is because commercial cinemas are constructed with speakers that surround the listener, each of which is responsible for a different type of audio such as that whizzing bullet or that rustle of trees.  We will ensure your home cinema experience is no different.  We will also make sure we soundproof the room to lessen any noise from bleeding into other rooms in your house.

Home Cinema Technology Partners

We only work with the best in the business and you will find us regularly installing home cinema tech from the following partners:
C-Bus, LeGrand, Control4, Cedia, Lutron & Delta Dore.

Love a virtual world? You can also play games and simulators on the big screen.  We offer a full range of simulators and virtual reality packages to help you get the most out of your home cinema experience.

No matter the budget you have to work with, please do contact us for impartial advice.

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Our Home cinema rooms offer the ultimate entertainment at home to enjoy with your family and friends. Custom designed systems provide you with the perfect multimedia experiences from any source, on any screen type. We specialise in transforming any room in your house into perfect venues (man cave or she shed!) for watching films and TV, gaming and music.