Commercial Lighting Systems

Commercial Lighting Systems

At Decorum we have considerable experience designing, installing and commissioning complex Lighting Control Systems to a variety of buildings operating in the Commercial sector. A Decorum designed Lighting Control Systems can dramatically reduce costs and energy usage at the same time as assisting the day-to-day functionality of a building.

Our Commercial Lighting Control solutions have been designed and programmed to include the following functionalities:

  • Commercial Lighting Control SystemsAutomated Switching of lighting via PIR/MP Sensors (ensuring that, when an area is not in use, lights are switched off).
  • Automatic adjustment of light levels between dusk and dawn, compensating for reduced levels of natural light and maintaining an efficient, productive level of light at all times.
  • Extending the life of mandatory low energy fluorescent lighting using dimming technology.
  • Control of ALL lighting via Touchscreen/iPad/PC/etc. from numerous locations (i.e. control rooms within Stadia switching floodlights/building lighting/external lights.
  • Emergency Lighting Testing.
  • Integration of DMX/Effects/Stage lighting.

As well as design providing Commercial Lighting Design our services can include completing first fix cabling through to full installation of Lighting equipment, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

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