Automated Lighting

Automated Lighting

Automated Lighting Lighting in commercial buildings plays a significant role in energy management while providing a safe environment and aspects of wellbeing to users.
Using a range of presence detectors, and light level controls they are also designed to help companies reduce energy use and costs.

They provide a cost-effective and simple solution to energy saving. Designed to reduce the amount of time lighting is left on unnecessarily or to make the most of available daylight they help to provide;

  • Convenience
  • Comfort and well being
  • Regulation requirements
  • Energy saving
  • Flexible to varying use of lit space over time

These solutions can be easily included in our designs and they can be simply installed and reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your building.

What does it mean for you?
  • Energy saving – on only when needed.
  • Energy management – Light level controls utilising natural daylight.
  • Cost saving installation – switching and control on inexpensive data cabling.
  • Remote Access control for offsite monitoring and control.
How does it work?
  • Programmed to set parameters or automatic sensor operation.
  • Use only the light you need in the areas you need it.
How easy is it to install?
  • It can be retrofitted or included at new build stage.
  • Most equipment is networked using low cost data cabling.
  • Controls can be centrally located.
  • A main control at one desk could control a whole office block, stadium or factory.
  • Individual circuits or whole buildings can be operated from one switch.