Lighting Control Systems

Lighting can represent over 35% of energy consumption in buildings depending on the business. Lighting control is one of the easiest ways to save energy costs and one of the most common applications. Solutions for lighting control can save up to 50% on the electricity bill compared to traditional installations. These systems are always flexible and designed for the comfort of the users.

The solutions can range from very small and local, such as with timers and occupancy sensors, up to sophisticated customized and centralised solutions that are part of complete building automation systems.

Typical control uses:

  • Motion Sensing
  • Light Level monitoring
  • Timed operation
  • Automated – Fully programmed
  • Scheduling and reporting

We are approved partners of Schneider CBUS and Lutron who are global specialists in the energy management, automation and lighting control industry. This enables us to offer integrated energy and lighting solutions across multiple market segments.

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