Occupancy Lighting Systems

At Decorum we have considerable experience designing, installing and commissioning Lighting Control Systems to a variety of buildings operating in the Commercial sector. Introducing Energy Control savings and reducing the environmental impact is a key philosophy of Decorum designed lighting designs and one of the most cost effective and simplest ways to do this is by introducing Occupancy Lighting within your building.

Occupancy Lighting works on a simple philosophy. If lighting in a specific area is not required due to that area not being utilised then that lighting will automatically turn off.

Occupancy Lighting uses extremely sensitive PIR motion sensors that detect fine movement within a specific area. If no motion is detected then the lighting will automatically turn off after a predetermined time limit. When motion is detected then the same lighting will automatically turn on.

The result – immediate cost savings to your business.

As well as design providing a variety of Commercial Lighting Designs to suit your business our services can include completing first fix cabling through to full installation of Lighting equipment, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.