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Lighting Control Systems

Lighting affords you the greatest opportunity to subtly change your room to match your senses at any given time of the day. You will be surprised about how much you will love that room even more.

Home Lighting Control SystemsImagine at the press of a button you can change the ambiance of a room to suit your mood, to suit the seasons, to suit how you wish to use that room or just to create that special intimate environment for those special occasions. These can be programmed in to change at predetermined times or even controlled remotely.

What about creating multiple lighting scenes for each room in the home? You can even use smart mood lighting to transform your bedroom to assist ‘sleep’. Yes, even enjoy the calming benefits of mood lighting at night.

We can help create and design bespoke lighting control systems to develop the sensation and function of homes. The choice of lighting fittings is endless, our role is to help you control and programme that lighting so you get the best out of it.

Let’s also not forget how great lighting design can be utilised to assist with the security of the home and also as an energy saving solution.

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Many of our Residential Installations have been programmed to include the following functionality:

  • Control of lighting via iPad/iPhone/Android/PC/etc.
  • Creating Automated Scene settings around the home.
  • Remote Control of lighting (i.e. switching lights whilst away on holiday).
  • ALL-OFF button by Front Door/Bed to ensure all lights are off when leaving/sleeping.
  • Link to Alarm System; eg. turning lights on to deter trespassers and wake residents when fire alarm sounded.
  • Linking of lighting circuits (i.e. lighting a pathway to the bathroom in the middle of the night).
  • Energy Saving lighting solutions (i.e. dimming of LED fittings).