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We understand the importance of protecting the investment you have made in your Audio Visual (AV) System. You can be confident that we can provide this support and our aim is to develop long term relationships with our clients, many of whom we are working with on their second or third properties.

We will ensure you are not left with a seemingly random bundle of documents and a sense of confusion about how to operate your system. We will carry out a full comprehensive handover including a demonstration test to ensure that you have the confidence and relevant materials to fully utilise your system.

Ongoing Telephone Support

After handover, we provide a free telephone support service to run alongside your 12-month warranty. Our office is staffed Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. We will take your call and get one of our technical support engineers to give you a call back. If a fault is identified and it cannot be resolved remotely we can arrange for one of our technicians to carry out a maintenance visit.

Planned Maintenance Visit

All our major installations are provided with an initial 12-month proactive maintenance plan. This will include a planned maintenance visit to be scheduled in over the year. During the visit one of our qualified technicians will carry out a full health check of your system and ensure any latest software updates have been downloaded and installed as required.

Our technicians are also able to assist during the visit on any refresher trainer questions that you may still have on how to fully utilise your system.

We also offer extended planned maintenance plans after the initial 12-month period to ensure that your system is always up to date and potentially limit any unplanned call outs that may be required.

Emergency Maintenance Visits

We recognise that occasionally a system may require an ‘unplanned’ maintenance visit. On these rare occasions, we will always try to carry out an immediate ‘fix’ remotely and avoid any unnecessary inconvenience to yourself. Where this is not possible we can arrange for one of our technicians to carry out a maintenance visit. Our technicians will always aim to provide a 24-working hour response to your call.

Bespoke Service Level Agreements

We can also provide bespoke levels of service agreements, depending upon the response time and coverage you require. Please contact us for more information if you require a maintenance proposal specific to your system.

System Recovery, Modernisation & Decommissioning

You may already have an AV system installed. Occasionally that AV system may hit a snag or simply refuse to cooperate.

Trouble shooting an AV system yourself can be time consuming and can ultimately cause more damage than good.

We can help you with this. We have experienced trained technicians who have been resolving issues on AV equipment for many years.

We can arrange to visit site and ‘troubleshoot’ that system. Our aim will be to find a resolution to that fault whilst we are on site. If we cannot resolve whilst on site, we will provide you with a fault reporting sheet with our recommendations on how to get the system fully recovered and working again. We will the provide you with a quotation to complete this work.

Dependent on your AV system we would then generally recommend that a service contract is taken out to maintain your AV system and protect your investment. We can also provide you with this service.

Rack Building for Bespoke Applications

In a nutshell, the rack houses all your Audio-Visual (AV) Equipment. If you are wondering where the all the equipment will sit well now you know.

No home automation job is complete without a centralised rack system to hold all your equipment. And let’s not forget that all the cabling whether it be from your TV, speakers, lighting etc. will need to go back to this centralised rack.

It is therefore vital that we discuss, identify, and plan our strategy for some key questions.

  • Where is, the rack going to be positioned within the property?
  • What equipment is to be specified? – We need to identify size, access, and ventilation.
  • How are we going to route the cabling back to the preferred rack position?
  • How are we going to ensure we leave an extremely well presented and serviceable rack system?

There are awards within our AV industry for best dressed rack. That how important we consider this.

Attention is paid to:

  • Thermal management
  • Cable management
  • Termination neatness
  • Cable identification

Guess what? – We love building racks; our technicians love nothing better than standing back and admiring the view and showing photos around the office.

We take such care of the rack building side of our business due to its key functionality in ensuring that the equipment:

  • Works at its optimal level.
  • Is serviceable so can achieve the longevity required on your investment.
  • Is user friendly and fits as subtly into your interior environment as possible.
Consultancy Services for System Design

We often get asked when is the best time to call us?

Well firstly there is never a wrong time to call us. We will always try to assist wherever you are in your AV System build programme. It may be a speculative enquiry, information with regards to a future installation or you may even be halfway through your self-build and have just decided that you wish to include an AV system We will give you an honest assessment of what can be achieved within your given budget and run through any limitations specific to the layout of your home. If the AV System is to be retrofitted, then we recognise that there may be some upheaval so we will always be sympathetic to your existing décor and listen to how you wish to best utilise your home.

In An Ideal World

Most systems require cables to be installed in your home. For this reason, and in an ideal world, the best time to call us is when you are planning a new build or a major renovation to an existing property.

We advise that the earlier you contact us, the better – soon after you have planning permission and floor plans is ideal.

Cables are installed in a building at the same time as the first fix electrics (the installation of electrical cabling). This happens very early in a project, usually soon after the roof is on and the building is watertight. The main equipment installation happens at the end of the project, once the building work is finished.

The first step is to arrange a meeting with you to understand your requirements in more depth. We then prepare a detailed proposal and budget for you to review.

Consultancy Services & Design Proposals

You may be in a position where you have experts from other professional services who are requesting information and designs on the AV System you are proposing to install.

It may be that at this stage, you may simply wish to ensure that all designs have considered that you may wish to integrate an AV system at some time in the future.

Either way we can provide all the other professionals working on the project with the information they require to ensure that the AV system we design for you is completely integrated into your project.

We can provide fully detailed drawings and plans and work closely with architects, interior designers, electricians, carpenters, etc to fully realise the system tailored for you.

Our AV System will be designed by a qualified CEDIA designer with you in mind. Our designs are evolved around efficient, innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

We aim, where possible to use the ‘passive’ features to ‘design out’ the active building services and provide ‘green’, sustainable solutions. We are keen to introduce new products, materials and

systems to improve the safety and comfort of occupants and to reduce life cycle, energy and maintenance costs.

The Consultancy Services we offer include;

  • Professional AV System attendance at meetings with your other professionals.
  • CAD Drawing detailing the AV proposed systems.
  • Design, Tender & Working Drawings.
  • Record Drawings.
  • Building Surveying Drawings.
  • Architectural Layouts Space Planning.

Our CEDIA qualified installation staff will work alongside the other professionals working on your home to install the system we have designed with you.