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Assisted Living

Enhanced life expectancy is one of the great successes of the 20th century but it also presents one of the greatest challenges for this one. The aging population and how we cope with this is probably not a new concept for you.

What you may not have considered just as yet is how it may impact yourself or your loved ones within your built home environment? What we can all possibly agree on is that our lives will probably be much richer and happier if we can maintain our chosen lifestyles and do this from the comfort of our own home.

Legrand & Delta PartnersHow we adapt out homes to suit advances in technology may be a critical factor in achieving that goal to remain in that environment or as long as possible. The idea that that we can support ourselves by the assistance of technical devices is no longer a dream but a reality.

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Assisted living possibilities

  • Centralised control of lighting systems rather than numerous manual switches.
  • PIR sensor activated security lighting.
  • Household lighting linked to PDA’s.
  • Ambient light levels linked to PIR sensors to aid night-time movement through the home.
  • Access control and call systems.
  • Door entry systems.
  • Video entry phone system.
  • Home audio equipment linked to PDAs, health hub, kitchen and monitors.
  • PIR sensors to detect and develop users daily living patterns around the home.
  • Central location for home automation technology.
  • Consideration to heights of Switches and Sockets.
  • Centralised control of blinds, shades and curtains.
  • Centralised window opening and closure.