CCTV & Security Systems

CCTVA WELL-DESIGNED and CONSIDERED CCTV and Security system can help to deter thieves and protect against anti-social behaviour, vandalism, and burglary.

Regardless of where you live, achieving that peace of mind that your home is as best protected as possible is something that we all strive for. A well-designed and considered CCTV and Security system can help you realise this.

We highlight well-designed and considered as we believe this is what stands Decorum out within the CCTV and Security System industry. Our first role will be listen to your specific requirements and use our considerable experience within this field to help determine what CCTV System and Security system is best suited to your requirements and your budget.

We have a range of CCTV and Security System options and we only use what we consider to be the best equipment within the field. This does not mean that they are the most expensive as there are several important issues to take into consideration when designing CCTV systems and Security System.

We will discuss these with you at survey stage but we have spoken to our customers and we recognise that reliability is the critical factor so we will not take any chances on equipment and neither should you.

Decorum CCTV and Security Systems

Decorum CCTV and Security Systems are part of our ‘Home Automation’ range of Security packages. We will link up your systems so you can select, control and watch CCTV cameras live from an Internet source at home on your TV, or remotely using portable devices such as your phone, PC, or tablet.