door security

Door Entry

Camera in use Controlling access to your property can be a serious matter whether your requirement is residential or commercial and you are using a single door or multiple door set up.

Even basic systems can offer a feeling of security when you don’t have to open your doors to strangers and cold callers. Maybe it is the convenience when the kids have forgotten their keys and you are in the bath. Door entry systems can be discrete and stylish or vandal resistant and rugged, just to suit your project.

We provide door entry solutions from design to installation utilising a number of technologies which can provide a simply door release button up to a monitored access / logging system with biometric interface.

We have a range of solutions from a voice intercom with a handset, a Video Intercom to a touch screen or even a GSM connection to your smart phone.

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How this Benefits You
  • Safety and security
  • Convenience
  • Monitor and log access and egress
  • Interrogate before access
  • Trusted access only
What we provide
  • Design
  • Installation