Digital signage solutions

Digital Signage

Decorum provide Digital Signage Solutions to all sectors of the commercial market. Digital signage is not just about improving the improving the aesthetics of your business and creating that more enticing frontage. It will undoubtably achieve this but Digital Signage can offer much more.

digital signage

Digital Signage can set you apart from the crowd. It provides your business with a powerful communication tool that allows you to get your message across to the consumer in an engaging and influencing manner that that can been easily updated to suit your real-time requirements.

It you have access to the internet then digital signage can be easily modified to get that latest message across. It may be that you wish to advise the consumer of the latest sales or to cross sell the different products and services that you are offering.

Digital Signage is also a great way of communicating your message to people within your premises. It may be in the form of advising on waiting times – say in a Doctors surgery, or providing directions at an event or even to promote sponsorship recognition at event. It may simply be used as a way of entertaining your business guests.

Some of the Digital Signage technology available is;

  • LED, LCD, Plasma Displays High-Definition with high pixel density
  • LED Panels for larger Video Wall Solutions
  • PC or Cloud Based IT solutions
  • Narrow casting, Screen Media, Digital Merchandising
  • Window / Glazing Projection Systems

As AV specialists, we can the design, install, programme and commission the complete AV infrastructure including the distribution the distribution of audio (if required) and video to your Digital signage. We do not leave you there either. We provide the support, maintenance and service required to ensure that your investment is maintained.