HDMI Distribution

HDMI Distribution

In today’s Hi-Tech market, it is becoming increasing common for most business, new or existing, to depend heavily on some form of media communication. With the growing supply of media communication offerings on the market you will require a fast, reliable, and easy to use AV System designed to cope with this ever-increasing data flow. We can supply, install, and commission a vast array of equipment to meet your brief on that final scene but have you considered how that AV source is transmitted and distributed across your building. Fortunately, we can provide expert advice, designs, and ultimately install and commission all structured cabling work.

Our cable distribution services include:

  • HD distribution cabling
  • High performance matrix solutions
  • Rack builds, cabinets, and cable management
  • Cat5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a cabling
  • Cable ties, trunking, and management panels
  • Access points installations

At Decorum we offer the full AV System experience. We can provide design expertise, equipment supply, installation and commissioning and ongoing maintenance of all equipment. Our range of services also include distribution of cabling from source.

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